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 . August 2020, Settlement after litigation, $90,000.00 for car crash case. 

 . April 2020, Settlement after litigation, $100,000.00 policy limits for car crash case.   

   . June 2019, Settlement after litigation, $400,000.00 for car crash case.  

  . June 2017, Settlement of $2,700,000.00 in association with another law

    firm against Multiple Corporate and non-Corporate Defendants for a

    wrongful death claim. 

  . May 2017, Settlement or Resolved to the Mutual Satisfaction of all Parties         against Boeing in MVA case for $155,000.00 in Association with another



  . August 2016, A Jury verdict in a difficult MVA case for a Homeless man             verdict and Judgment over $75,000.00


  . May 2016, a Jury Verdict in a soft tissue car accident case with medical             special of a little over $13,000.00, the Jury returned a verdict of over               $211,000.00, and the total Judgment, including attorney fees because of       appeal from Arbitration, became over $288,000.00.  Still, the total                   final recovery may exceed $323,000.00!  


  .   June 2015, Settlement of $6,000,000.00 in association with another law

      firm against a Hotel for a wrongful death.


   March 2015, $100,000.00 Settlement for Medical Negligence Knee



   December 2014, Policy Limit including Under Insured Policy limit $50,000.00

     for car accident case.


  .  October 2014, Policy limit of $25,000.00 in soft tissue car accident.


  • June 2013, a settlement in the amount of $100,000.00 for an auto accident case in a disputed medical treatment and bills.


  • May 2013, two auto accident cases, disputed medical, one for $66,000.00 total, and another one $55,000.00 total settlements. 

  • April 2013, breach of Contract $40,000.00 settlement.

  • January 2013, after trial, a jury trial verdict of $30,000.00 for a parking lot low speed, low impact, and disputed liability accident where the insurance company only offered $2,000.00.

  • The above are most recent and representative cases, several cases have settled, or won after Arbitration hearing for very high amount of money.

  • Our law office, over the last several years, has handled hundreds of cases and obtained Millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts for our clients. Our commitment to obtain higher amounts of settlements and verdicts in personal injury cases will continue.  Hire us, or refer with confidence for we will fight insurance companies to the end. 

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